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Project development
has a clear sequence
We develop and manufacture mosaic products of any complexity.
Every project has 7 stages of production, which allows to achieve
excellent results.
Step 1
Required info:
  • Photo of an object
  • Draft of an object
  • The wishes of the customer
Step 2
Based on these info we create a sketch(2-3 variants).
We coordinate all sizes, details with the customer and make adjustments.
Step 3
We can create the 3D model, if needed
and show an object from different angles.
Step 4
After approving the project with all specifications, mosaic types,
sizes, colors and receiving the 70% advance payment,
we start production of mosaic.
Step 5
Our product comes in the form of mosaic 327x327mm cards. on the paper, packed in cartons with schemes and instructions. At this stage, the customer can pick up the product and install it by himself.
Step 6
When you order the installation by our company, our specialists will do it with highest quality and on time: preparating the concrete bowl, plastering, waterproofing application with reinforcing mesh, mosaic installation and grouting.
Step 7
You are receiving a finished object that meets your desires.
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